What Are The Benefits Of Estrogen In Your Diet?


Healthy eating has already become a lifestyle. But sometimes we don’t know what kind of food we need for physical or mental health. Below we look at the benefits of estrogen in your diet.

You probably want to start eating right and balanced. And if you’re a woman, you’ve come to the right place. You will need to decide what to eat to ensure the best lifestyle.

We mean purposeful addition of products that will provide your body with estrogen. This hormone plays an important role in optimizing sexual and reproductive life and ensures the full functioning of other organs.

Benefits of estrogen

Many believe that youth is eternal, but maturity and old age demonstrate that you have made the right decisions throughout your life. Estrogen-a female hormone, which is also in men, though in small quantities. In women, its production falls during menopause, which leads to serious consequences.

After all, estrogen is responsible for:

  • regulation of the menstrual cycle
  • femininity
  • maintain heart, muscle, bone and reproductive health.

This is why it is important to maintain estrogen levels, or the consequences can be harmful. To avoid this, it is important to eat foods rich in estrogen.

Your body without estrogen

If you don’t check your estrogen levels, you won’t be able to prevent any health problems that may occur due to its low level. However, you will notice it as soon as you feel irritated, have trouble sleeping and will lose hair in large quantities.

Foods to take advantage of estrogen

Now that you’ve started reading this article, you know a little more. We’ll move on to products that will help you balance estrogen levels.

Fruits and vegetables

These two options are the answer to almost all of your problems. They are part of all diets, and this is no exception. They contain phytoestrogen-a substance that stimulates the production of estrogen in women.

One hundred grams of vegetables can contain from 94 to 604 micrograms of phytoestrogen. It’s a good idea to add them next time. The best fruits: apples, plums, tomatoes, dates and papaya.

Try eating these vegetables:

  • broccoli
  • cucumber
  • eggplant
  • pumpkin
  • beet
  • potato
  • celery
  • Lucerne

Nuts and grains

Nuts and grains also contain significant amounts of phytoestrogen. They are rich in vitamins and minerals and can be combined with other products.

Eat flax and sesame seeds as well as cereals like wheat, rice, barley and oatmeal.

Soy or dried fruit

Soy is an important source of phytoestrogen. One hundred grams of soy contain about 103 micrograms of phytoestrogen. Choose foods that are made from soy like soy yogurt and tofu.

Dried fruits are also an excellent source of phytoestrogen. The best option is to eat pistachios, but do not forget almonds, hazelnuts and peanuts.

Three habits that help to increase the level of estrogen

In addition to consuming estrogen-rich nutrients, you need to develop habits that will help you achieve your goals.

1. Do aerobic exercise

This type of exercise promotes estrogen metabolism. Their implementation stimulates the creation of good hormones. Thus, it is important to find at least 30 minutes for training.

2. Sleep more than 6 hours

A sleep of less than 6 hours reduces the performance of estrogen, and therefore your libido.

3. Use additives

Excipients should only be taken under medical supervision. They are made from protein and herbs that help produce estrogen as well as other female hormones. They should be your last option.

A bit of science

The idea is to prevent any effects of low estrogen levels. This reduction occurs mainly when women go through menopause. However, if you take action in advance, there will be less risk.

In science, there is no scheme that would show how a woman reacts at this stage of her life. However, there are means to facilitate this transition. Adding estrogen to the diet may be a good solution.

You will see that it is not difficult. Of course, you already have fruits, vegetables and grains in the kitchen. Add some soy and dried fruit. Sleep eight hours and find time for training. These are simple but necessary steps for your health. So you can feel the benefits of estrogen.

A healthy lifestyle doesn’t require much time or space, but it will add you many years with your family.