Generic ED Drugs

Generic ED Drugs

All drugs equivalent to a branded Viagra are considered to be an effective erectile dysfunction treatment. What are the differences between generic and traditional medication? And are generics worth buying?

Generics in focus

It is widely known that branded drugs might be more expensive than generic substitutes. And cheaper alternatives are not necessarily less effective or safe. Doctors often recommend generics as an efficient ED treatment.

Let’s examine this on the Viagra example. Since it first has been approved in 1998, prices were increased by Pfizer several times. Of course, a lot of patients prefer branded Viagra. Some choose it because of history, others follow the prescription. People want to save money. They buy alternatives and get similar results. If there are a lot of facts on generic’s effectiveness, why do they cost cheaper?

One reason is an outlay on permanent quality control in big companies. The first-rate drugs are made with strict regulations. There are a lot of technological demands, marketing, scientific surveys. The testing process is long. Thus consumer sure that he is warned about possible side-effects and will get expected results.

The substitutes may be produced by authoritative market leaders as well. Such companies just do not expend huge amount of sources on scientific research or quality control. But the production still meets essential technological requirements. If they did not control quality of product, they would not be able to sell medications legally.

Generics are regarded as biochemical equivalents of branded medication. Technological schemes are different. Often producers put some additives into generics, which cannot be found in traditional drugs because of original patent and formula. But almost all specialists agree that generics may be efficient and helpful.

Do producers of branded ED drugs protest against generics?

Of course, there is a competition on market. Most popular erectile dysfunction drugs differ not only in size and price, but also in duration and other options. After appearing of australian Viagra Levitra and Cialis producers made alternative offers to consumers. This is a competition among brands. But what about the substitutes? Do producers of branded ED medication mind against generics?

As far as Viagra patent has been protected from copy for a very long time, the generic forms of it are illegal in the USA territory. Though, it still can be sold online without problems. If generic Viagra suddenly becomes available on global scale, the market would be filled with ED medication with the same strength, duration and other scopes of functionality. The competition rises, alternative offers become cheaper, branded Viagra inevitably reduces in price. Thus, Pfizer regularly fills market with new forms of Viagra. For instance, a masticator form, Viagra Jet was presented not a long ago in Mexico.

If to talk about juridical aspects, generics of Viagra are not allowed on opened market. Pfizer still keeps the situation under control. If the original patent expires, any producer may reckon on approval of a generic version. While the original brand is functioning, the producer defends his drug from copying by protecting its formula. Otherwise company gains will be lost.

Only the original producer has the legal right to create new forms of registered formula during the patent protection and sell these new drugs under the branded name. When the patent expires, any other manufacturer may copy the traditional version and create generic. That is why, when we purchase branded drugs at of different strength, e.g. 10 mg Cialis, we are sure that we actually support the original formula of traditional ED medications.

The list of cheaper generic ED treatments is available on Every product on page meets requirements of FDA of USA, including technological process, safety, bioequivalence and other quality control indicators.