Herpes And Its Kinds

Herpes is an infection caused by virus. It is believed that this virus always lives in human body, but manifestations of disease occur only when it is activated. The latter, in turn, is triggered by decrease in body resistance. This can be strong hypothermia or overheating, serious illness (for example, pneumonia), stress. Depending on location of herpetic eruptions, there are several forms of disease:

Herpes of lips

This is what is popularly called fever on lips. Against background of cold, with other infectious diseases (often with fever), under influence of cold or excessive sun exposure, symptoms such as itching of lip can occur, followed by red spot , and then bubble, which causes pain.

Fortunately, herpes lips isn`t very dangerous, although unpleasant. At the stage when bubble hasn`t appeared, but there is only itching or pain, drugs described below are effective.

If bubble appears, it`s enough to lubricate it with any disinfecting solution (iodine, brilliant green, etc.), but not open it, since bacterial infection can “sit down” on wound and only worsen situation. (If this happened, then it`s necessary to use same means as early as possible to disinfect this wound).

Herpes of oral mucosa

Rashes have appearance of bubbles, surrounded by corolla of red color, and some of them, after bursting, turn into round wounds. Bubbles usually cause severe pain and are fraught with addition of secondary bacterial infection, there are huge number of bacteria in oral cavity, which, with complete preservation of mucous membranes, aren`t capable of causing inflammation, and infection develops only when integrity of covering is violated.


Shingles has following manifestations: burning intense pain along one or several ribs, not related to trauma and not initially accompanied by any other symptoms, followed by some time after which specific eruptions appear on skin, resembling bubbles.

Genital herpes

Genital herpes is transmitted sexually, and it isn`t at all necessary that any of partners have exacerbation at time of sexual intercourse. Manifestations of exacerbation are characterized by pain and itching in area of external genital organs (labia and vagina in women and head of penis in men). Against this background, there are bubbles typical for herpes of any localization, which, bursting, turn into wounds. These sores are fraught with accession of secondary bacterial infection.