How to Increase Testosterone Level – Male Andropause

Both terms – andropause and male menopause, mean decreasing the male hormone testosterone`s level in the aging process. With the years, the representatives of the stronger sex, the amount of this hormone is significantly reduced. Age-related decline in testosterone is also called androgen deficiency or hypogonadism.

Men’s problem is a little different from women’s. Among men during andropause, there is a gradual decrease in the presence of hormones in the body. At the same time during menopause, estrogen`s appearance decreases sharply.

  1. When a man reaches 40-years, the testosterone level usually begins to decline about 1% per year, while its reduction in the age of 60 years is barely noticeable.
  2. Upon reaching the age of 80, half of the male population suffers from a lack of hormones.
  3. The young boys – the scope of this hormone is greater than 1000 nanograms per deciliter, and at age 80 – 200 nanograms per deciliter.

For certain of the stronger sex, the hormone remains normal, even at an older age, at the same time others, on the contrary – a decrease in its level passes without any symptomatic manifestations.

Faithful Assistant in the Detection of Andropause

Male Andropause

The only way to know if you have low levels of testosterone – take a blood test.

A list of some symptoms of male andropause:

  • decrease of the libido;
  • loss of muscle mass;
  • night sweats;
  • infertility;
  • erectile dysfunction;
  • depression;
  • hair loss;
  • heart palpitations;
  • decrease in growth.

As for erectile dysfunction, it is usually the cause of psychological problems, not only aging, but also andropause. About 90% of cases of erectile dysfunction have a medical origin, such as: taking medications to treat high blood pressure.

Recommendations when a problem is detected:

  1. A visit to the doctor – he must determine a diagnosis, to discuss and prescribe treatment.
  2. Most men suffer from depression and the crisis of middle age for no apparent reason. Depressive man may be very irritable and exhausted. They often work very hard, drink plenty of fluids and get pleasure from making risk taking.
  3. Regular physical, mental and emotional exercise.
  4. Healthy nutrition.

Not all men feel equally the loss of testosterone in the blood. It all depends on “seeding”. If a man has high blood testosterone level, the costs of its loss is especially difficult, because testosterone affects the character. The more it is, the more energy and sexual activity has people. Therefore, even a 1% loss of testosterone per year brings tangible suffering for a man.

Moreover, a strong in sexual terms man often feels discomfort not on the physical and on the physiological level: he begins to feel the emotional and mental distress.

Weak Stronger Sex – Solution to the Problem

It is worth recalling that the andropause – is a temporary phenomenon, and if you do not go to extremes, it can be safely survived. The reason for concern should be frequent stress, accompanied by a sense of insecurity, frustration or depression. After all, personal response to the onset of andropause can be different – from calm to abrupt changes in the psyche.

Frequently menopausal state is accompanied by depression, which manifests itself loss of interest in work, family, hobbies, a sense of hopelessness and worthlessness, suspiciousness, tearfulness, unfounded jealousy, cancer phobia and others.

Psychotherapeutic treatment includes all types of correction:

  • individual and group psychotherapy;
  • hypnosuggestive and steam therapy.

At the same time sedative means are appointed which calm nervous system, relieve irritability and anxiety attacks. These tools include drugs motherwort, valerian, peony and bromides.