Man And Pregnancy

father and baby

You’re having a baby First, who are you going to report this good news, of course – a husband who, in your opinion, I must accept it with delight. But telling about it, you notice with alarm that instead of joy and jubilation he feels horror and confusion. Don’t be offended by him.

For men, a wife’s pregnancy is a period that is filled with anxiety and feelings. You expect support, understanding, help and care from him, and he suddenly realizes that he is turning from a husband into a man who will soon become… a dad. For him, this is a very difficult stage from an emotional point of view. So help him – and then together you can go through 9 months of pregnancy and become the parents of the most wonderful baby in the world!

Advice to expectant mothers

During pregnancy, most often, all attention is paid to the expectant mother. Everyone understands that whims, changes in mood, hysteria and the desire to feel like a child are caused by hormonal changes and other changes in the woman’s body. At the same time for some reason forget about the man who has to get used to a new role. What should a woman do to help her husband become a perfect dad?

mother and baby

1. Away troubles

Do you think that only you think about pregnancy? That’s not so. Although the physical difficulties of nine months completely fall on your shoulders, the husband is more emotional. In this difficult time in his soul raging “storm” that can deprive him of self-confidence. Help him, explain that together it will be easier to survive this difficult period. And don’t forget about sex. In case there are small problems with potency Kamagra Jelly can always help out.

2. Let’s Talk…

Women experiencing changes in their bodies, I want to share this with everyone. Men are used to keeping quiet about their problems. If the husband does not share his worries with you, it does not mean that he does not care. Support him, even if he doesn’t ask you to.

3. Think about the husband

Don’t get hung up on your worries and expectations. Of course, toxicosis, various pains, heaviness in the legs and constant nausea can make anyone capricious and flighty. Men understand this, but even the most caring and selfless of them need support.

4. Share responsibility

The closer to childbirth, the more often the expectant mother thinks about what needs to be purchased for the baby. Do not take on all the worries, try to think together purchase.

The father must also gradually get used to his role, so that later it did not happen that all the care of the child will fall on your shoulders.

5. Share charges

Pregnant women need help with the housework, but that doesn’t mean you need to put yourself in a position: “I can’t do anything, I need help.” Try to share responsibilities. For example, you clean and cook, and the husband goes shopping and washes.

6. Don’t demand the impossible

No man, no matter how much he loves a woman, can instantly turn into an ideal father. Don’t demand the impossible from him. Give him time to realize and understand that the role of the father is the best role in life.

7. Do not dwell on pregnancy

Pregnancy, childbirth, baby’s health – all this is constantly thinking future mothers. At the same time, we should not forget that life for these long 9 months should not stop. If you used to love to go to the movies on weekends or walk in the woods, why now you need to deny yourself the pleasure and free days to spend lying on the couch watching TV. If the husband offers to go on a little trip, instead of the phrase: “And you thought about the child?”think about where you could go together. Allow yourself to dream about other things besides thinking about pregnancy.

Advice to future fathers

No matter how you react to the news that you will soon become a dad, try to quickly realize that for a woman in this period it is very important to know that next to her her hope, protection and support. Try to get used to the new role and treat with understanding that your spouse has changed not only externally but also internally. What should the future father do?

1. Experience pregnancy together

Pregnancy wife-this is an opportunity with her to go through a period that can be the best in your life. Rebuild and take the first steps to a healthy lifestyle. If you smoke-try to quit or at least reduce the number of cigarettes smoked. With understanding treat changes in the diet, do exercises for pregnant women together. All this will help to prepare for the birth of a child and quickly get used to the role of the dad.

2. Visit doctors together

Most doctors advise future fathers to attend a women’s consultation with his wife. There is nothing better than an ultrasound to see your baby, which you expect with such impatience.

3. Learn more about pregnancy

Today, finding information about pregnancy is not a problem, so try to study it. Then it will be easier for you to accept the physiological and psychological changes taking place with your wife. In addition, you will be ready for the difficulties arising during 9 months.

4. Communicate with your baby

Some men find the wife’s rounded tummy unusually erotic, others are afraid to touch it. Do not be afraid, you can not hurt the baby. Touch will give the opportunity to feel his response movement. It is especially important that the child hear the timbre of your voice. Sing, read books, tell stories – so the baby will get used to the voice of his father.

5. Help to buy a dowry for the child

Visit children’s shops together. This is not only a great pastime, but also the opportunity to purchase wonderful little things necessary for your baby.

6. Talk about your experiences

Most men don’t like to talk about their problems. Do not shut up in yourself, do not try to pretend to be a super-hero. The wife will be easier if she knows that you care about her condition, especially since it is much easier to overcome difficulties together.