Oligospermia and Orchitis: pay attention to such diseases

Oligospermia is the term for the reduction of sperm number, which is released during ejaculation. The concentration of sperm per milliliter of this fluid must range normally. According to the international criteria of semen and normal analysis, the number of sperm can last from 2 to 5 ml. If the sperm volume is less, than 2 milliliters, it will be a good idea to talk about oligospermia.

The causes of oligospermia

The causes of oligospermiaIf we are talking about the causes of oligospermia, it would be great to notice the factors, which can be easily treat. The first group are labile reasons, which can be easily resolved without the drug usage. For example, in case of vitamin deficiency and malnutrition there will be a small amount of protein in organism. So, it will lead to the insufficient sperm count in the testicles. The normal process of spermatogenesis is very important, so that’s why the men body must have all the vitamins every day.

Bad habits, as alcohol abuse and smoking can influence in the process of spermatogenesis. Also such process can be broken as the result of fatigue, poor sleep and frequent stress.

You mustn’t forget, that the most informative will be a spermogram, which is collected after a 4-th day of abstinence. If you will have a long sexual intercourse before the analysis, you will have the oligospermia. In any case, such tests can`t be taken into account and there will be a need to do it again.

What is the treatment?

The treatment is always depends on the cause. During the infectious process, there will be a lot of antibacterial drugs, which will help to overcome stresses and other factors. In addition, such a treatment, as effective medications, will be the best.

Pay attention, that patient must abandon bad habits, because that will help him to stabilize the psychological background. There are also some specific supplements, which will be the best methods to eliminate the disease. They are Verona, Viardot and Tribestan, which can be purchases at any pharmacy.

Orchitis and the main reasons for it

Orchitis is an inflammation disease on the testis tissues. It can be chronic and acute. Acute can be underlined over 2-4 weeks, but chronic can continue more than a month.

Orchitis is usually developed on the background of different infections, which are caused as a result of viruses and bacteria. The most frequent case is the developing of inflammation of the testis tissues. That period is considered as parotitis. It includes gonorrhea, influenza and typhoid. The mechanism of that illness isn’t simple. Primary infection influenced in the blood flow produces the specific antibodies, which can perceive the testicular tissue as foreign. As the result, we can have the inflammation process and the development of orchitis.

In addition, there are a lot of others factors, which can lead to orchitis. Here we must name the testis trauma, which is the result of infection from external environment. Severe allergic inflammation can lead to a tissue damage. It is rather important to distinguish all of the orchitis types, depending on the reasons for changing strategy of treatment.

Methods of treatment

The main cause of such a disease is bacterial infection, it is important to treat the inflammation of a testicle in time. Professional doctor will help you to find the best treatment.

Antibacterial drugs are always used as a treatment. But here we must allocate two groups of antibiotics, as fluoroquinolones and cephalosporins. The first drug is Cefotaxime and the second are the antibiotics of wide spectrum. But, before you will take one or another antibiotic, you must know your diagnosis.