Preparing man for child conceiving

It is mistake to believe, that success in such “sensitive issue” as successful conception of child, for most part, depends primarily on woman. So, today it leaves no doubt that health and right psychological attitude, body state and sperm quality and men also largely determines success of “enterprise” called “cloudless pregnancy”.

Modern world is filled with all sorts harmful factors of completely different plan, which affect man’s body, including his ability to conceive child, and ability to conceive healthy and full-fledged child. That is why preparation of man for child conceiving is equally important, as is preparation for woman’s pregnancy. And, if we may say so, this preparation is “complex” and long enough – it is believed that ideally man should be prepared for conception for at least 3 months.

Bad habits

It is 3 months before planned conception that one should completely and completely abandon bad habits – drinking and smoking. Both alcohol and nicotine have very negative effect on male reproductive system, and, moreover, significantly increase  chances of conceiving unhealthy child.

Scientists have found that if body is cleared of nicotine faster, then cleaning body of alcohol is longer process: it will take about 3 months to eliminate it. Approximately same time it takes body to recover from disease, which was accompanied by medication.

Nutrition and Lifestyle

No less important for safe conception of child is food of future father and way of life in general. It is mandatory to have to give up fried food (carcinogens), all kinds of chips, crackers, fast food, and colored soda. At same time, it is necessary to avoid influence of chemical agents – evaporation of paint or varnish, salts of heavy metals, exposure to ionizing radiation or x-rays.

Question of “correct” temperature regime is also important: testicles, place where spermatozoids are formed, are located in scrotum, temperature of which is one and half degrees lower than body temperature. And, this is one of main conditions for normal formation of viable spermatozoa, and therefore, in preparation for conceiving, dad was advised to avoid warm pants and trousers, regular visits to sauna or bath, long stay in warm bath.

Preparing man for conception implies moderate exercise, main thing is not to overly zealous: “overload” negatively affects fertilizing ability of sperm. And highly traumatic sports (cycling, martial arts) can cause damage to groin area, which is dangerous for childbearing function.

Surveys and analyzes

Well and, of course, not to manage in question of preparation for conception without visiting doctor. First of all, you should visit urologist: specialist will conduct examination of genitals, prescribe necessary tests and, if necessary, spermatogram. It is advisable to be tested for detection of genital infections (they adversely affect not only man health, but also can lead to fetal abnormalities of fetus, diseases of newborn). However, it is necessary to undergo blood test – determine group and Rh factor, eliminate likelihood of hepatitis B and C, syphilis and HIV.

Relationship in a pair

The best guarantee of successful conception is harmony in relationship of future parents. Heat and tenderness will create “platform” for further joint passage through pregnancy and childbirth. Joint pastime will open up couple more to each other, will give opportunity to even more “get used” to each other and teach each other to listen.

Psychological comfort for men is also important factor for successful conception: stresses, nervous tensions, and work overloads are better left in past. Instead, it is better to enjoy life and sleep at proper time (at least 8 hours a day). With regard to sexual life: planning child, intimate relationships will have to make some “rules”. Thus, most optimal interval between sexual intercourse is 2-3 days: this time is necessary for “maturation” of spermatozoids, improvement of sperm quality.